Thursday, February 3, 2011

IVF#1 CD 12 "Fire it up"

As of now, the big scary winter mayhem has not arrived. Forecast was for tonight and tomorrow morning...we'll see. The RE did decide to close his office tomorrow so they had me go in this afternoon and check to see how the progress is coming. My follies are doing well and getting bigger! The nurse estimated that I will trigger Saturday or Sunday night because there were some little follicles that she thought the Doc might want to mature. There is another office (a little less than 1 hour away) which will be open tomorrow and so she told me I might need to go to that office because I was so close to the trigger point. Well, that idea didn't sound ideal. I wasn't really excited about the 30 minute drive - how about a 50 minute one? of course, in the end, I know I would have done it.
Regardless, it is a moot point. It turns out I am supposed to trigger tonight! Which means I am retrieving on Saturday. I was a little surprised to hear that. I was expecting to hear that we were "pushing back" the retrieval until early next week. So I am relieved and excited and ready to be moving forward! Only one more shot (I hope - although last night's was the first time they didn't really bother me at all, go figure). Plus, I am ready to relieve some of the pressure in my lower abdomen and back (Krista, I really don't know how you managed with 50! I have 15 and am complaining about the pressure and size). I have to stay up to give the trigger though. I'm almost thinking of going to sleep and just waking up to do it - but really, it is only 10:45 and we usually end up staying up that late anyway. We like to aim for 9:30 but, let's face it, we are pretty bad about enforcing that. I have been sleeping like crazy this week though. The stims have knocked me out.
Due to the weather, M's work sent them home early - about 3:30. It has kind of been a fairytale afternoon - real life version I guess. Come home, M chops up some wood (with a power saw), light a fire, cuddle on the couch, watch the Office and Human Target, and doze off - with a light dinner around the fire somewhere in there, too. I love cuddling by the fire and watching the flames (I wish I could capture them in some way that did them justice. The colors and shapes of fire are so beautiful to me). In short, it was a perfect afternoon, especially perfect for icy weather!


  1. So excited for you!! I had about tons of follicles my first IVF and felt like I was carrying a watermelon around. The bloat was amazing. Can't wait to hear how it all goes on Saturday!

  2. Yay for trigger!!! And good luck tomorrow at retrieval!!!