Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know that I often focus way too much on how crappy IF is for me and don't give M enough credit.
M and I met in college. We actually lived on the same block; I could see his apartment out my window. Anyway, there was a large gathering in the parking lot between our apartments. He was flirting with one of my 4 roommates, S, and invited her over to his apartment. Apparently she couldn't believe that they have 4 couches! (not big apartments...) All M's roommates and a few other people were there so don't worry, it wasn't creepy.
A week or two later, S had set up a group date for us girls (trying to help out a friend who then decided not to come...) I was set up on this random blind date. Another roommate, N, didn't have a date and decided pretty last minute to ask M, who accepted. I later was informed he was most disappointed that I hadn't asked him. At this point, I was still more interested in another. The date was one for the ages. Most memorable date ever. My date was nuts! Totally insane. We had gone to Boondocks and my other roommates jumped ship to the other side of the park ASAP! M and N tried to stick it out with us but after my date was attracting crowds, they slinked off... I actually had a really good time. He was cuckoo but really nice and very entertaining.
That date did give us plenty of material to talk and laugh about for a couple weeks while M and I continued to get to know each other, bump into each other on campus, church, Facebook :)
About a month after we first met, M finally asked me out.
We got married in June 2008. M was living back East for the summer but came back to Utah for the week (via a business trip to the South...) I wish I could remember more about the actually day and reception but, it is already starting to blur. It went by so fast!
Happy Valentine's Day, M! You are amazing, smart, witty, encouraging, supportive, and so loving! (You are also super amazing with kids and I love/hate watching you play with our nieces and nephews. You will be such a great dad.)


  1. A beautiful couple! So thankful that God has sent us His best to be by our side through this journey! Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful photos! I am really enjoying getting to see everyone's special pictures and read a little more about everyone's stories. :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow your wedding pictures are stunning! and you were an amazingly beautiful bride. I have such wonderful memories of our wedding day, but they do fade over time, Looking back at our pictures makes me so happy :)

    thank you for sharing these treasured moments with us.