Tuesday, September 13, 2011

33w3d "Stretching the Limits"

I'm still here! and better yet, the babies are still inside me! It has already been a month of bed rest (you'd think I would be better at posting...). For the most part, it has gone very smoothly, and yesterday we had an ultrasound to see how everything is going. I was pretty anxious the night before (the couple days before). I was sore and wasn't really sure if I was leaking "water" or not. But everything looks great! The babies are growing well, my cervix hasn't changed at all during the last month, and the fluid levels look good. The Dr was surprised I still hadn't delivered... but we are stretching out this pregnancy as much as we can!
The babies are also doing an excellent job stretching out my stomach. They had a serious growth spurt last weekend. It was incredible. Seriously, over 2-3 days there was a huge noticeable difference. M thinks that just since then he can already tell I've gotten bigger. The babies are 4 lb 10 oz and 4 lb 1 oz and are supposed to put on about a half pound a week! So I expect some more stretch marks coming... I'm just so glad to see them growing!