Wednesday, February 9, 2011

IVF #1 CD 18 "Ready?"

Tomorrow is my transfer. I am ready. I have a hard time thinking of my little embryos as my little babies. Once they are in me I am pretty sure that will change- and definitely if they stick. But right now there is a barrier. Right now they are very intriguing ball of cells and hope. I don't even know how they are doing. We'll find out tomorrow.
I am ready to have the back in me. I wish I felt 100% better from the retrieval but, I am at least much better. I still have horrible gas. It is so bad! It's kind of funny because I rarely have gas, especially loud gas.
Anyway, I'm ready to go tomorrow. Plus, the sooner tomorrow comes the sooner the 2WW is over. And I'm exhausted so good night.


  1. good good luck. I found the full bladder was the hardest thing for me! made it hard to enjoy it. But its pretty awesome. Im like you, I still have a barrier up, not too over confident

  2. Hope your transfer went well today!!!

  3. Good Luck with your transfer. The RE will probably tell you this tomorrow, but progesterone will really stop you up (sorry, TMI)! So, you may need to take something to keep you regular.

  4. Hope your transfer went well. Fingers crossed for you!!!
    -Kristen from