Friday, January 7, 2011

Pre-Cycle day 3

The new year had begun and we have decided to go for it. We are starting our first (and hopefully last) attempt at IVF - and so far we feel really good about it.  I went in this morning for my baseline and blood work appointment before I start birth control. Ovaries look good! Uterus looks good! So far so good. We'll have to wait for the blood work but I am not worried about that.
Let me just say that I love my nurse. She is awesome. Sometimes she may seem a little rushed but she is actually very considerate and gave me a bunch of free medicine and numbers to multiple pharmacies so I could shop around for the rest of the medications. Some were pharmaceutical samples, but a bunch were donated from a canceled cycle. The woman had breast cancer so she had to stop. Yikes. I hope she is okay, but it was really nice of her to donate her drugs. I'm on the phone now - on hold - tackling the other half of the list. 
So far, what has surprised me the most is how different this is from an IUI. I did injections with both IUIs but that was so simple. This is so much more intense. I'm going to have to be really on top of all the meds - there are so many!
After my appt this morning, I had to go get more blood drawn - the pregnancy blood work up basically. 6 vials - I was getting a little woosy by the end. I don't usually mind blood. I watch all the needles going in and the blood coming out- the changing of the vials was a little icky though. Instead of filling up nicely like the first vial, the blood shot out and splattered all over the inside of the vials. That was a little too blood-like. Anyway, I made it through that, didn't faint or anything.  I'm fine now - wanting a big burger - but otherwise great. The worst part was the bandage wrap ripping all my arm hairs out.
So, now that is done, not much is going on for the next week and a half. I take birth control and get all my drugs. We get our teaching appointment - and M gets a turn to do blood work! I paint. M goes to work. Life as normal as we can make it...


  1. Oh yes IVF is so much more intense than IUI's! Glad to hear you're on your way!

  2. Gearing up here too... I think we're gonna soon be pin cushions and feel like we have an in home pharmacy but so hopeful that it will all be worth it. Best wishes to you!