Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IVF#1 CD 3 "Day Two"

Well, day two of stims was a pretty normal day. I was really relaxed. I felt good. I started a new painting. I ran errands. I had a fairly usual day. I hope the rest of the stimming can be this normal. It probably won't because of morning appts but, at least today was nice and mostly IVF and IF free. I only had to pick up one prescription at the pharmacy and do shots. I love normal days. Plus, M came home for lunch today which I always enjoy! (definite perk to living 8 minutes away from M's work and me working from home)
Shots were a little late today because we were out doing errands and I had this mystery shopping thing that was for a certain time only. It was my first mystery shop. We'll see if it is worth continuing in the future - maybe I'll just stick to learning how to coupon better, which I do like. Getting stuff free through coupons is so satisfying. Sounds super cheap but try it sometime. It's great. Anyway, I'm getting way off topic here. It's late and I'm just waiting for M to come to bed so I'm rambling. But the shots were much better - well at least a little better - than last night. It took about half the time to mix them. Even the shot was less painful - but not by much. Other than the pain of the shot I have had no side effects. I keep telling myself that is a good thing (and I am glad I'm not sick) but, I can't feel if it is working or not. But thats why they use US. Hopefully, I will continue to feel great and have US show great growth!
Anyway, I'm rambling again. Good night.


  1. Hope your Eggs are growing growing!! I LOVE couponing!!!! It's like a high!

  2. Congrats on stimming. tonight will be day 5 of stimming for me. i have had no side effects except when i go to sleep on my stomach, it is tender. i kinda wish i was feeling something so i knew it was working!!! lol Keep up the good work!!! Praying for a miracle baby for us both

  3. Here from ICLW. I was just reading your sidebar and I was wondering - did you change REs after he lost your sperm twice?!? I think I would've.

    Anyway, I love coupons and deals too. I look at people who don't and think "wow, are they getting ripped off!"

  4. @Deborah. YES! Well, he wasn't actually an RE, he was the OB that our insurance covered. But, I almost literally ran out of his office and into an RE's. He was totally incompetent - so frustrating!