Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi, my name is Amy. I am not a very open person when it comes to sharing how I am feeling- especially if I am hurting. I don't really like to share personal things. However, I was on Facebook this morning, and an old nanny of mine had written about crying in the infant section of a clothing store and how hard getting pregnant can be. I wrote her a message sharing briefly with her that I knew how she felt and that she was not alone. Then I started thinking...
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 26 months now. Only our immediate families and our closest friends know (remember, I don't like sharing and this is extremely personal). It has been really difficult, but some of the most painful feelings are isolation, feeling unable to relate and be understood. During those 2+ years, each sibling (married anyway) has had a child; our friends are either not yet trying or having kids of their own.
Over the last couple months, I have not been focusing on my fertility problems. I have been trying to focus on my career and my house and do something with my life besides wait to become a mom. I haven't thought or talked very much about my infertility. But as I said, today I started thinking.
I started thinking about how alone we feel, and how there are probably so many other couples out there who feel that they are alone, and I wanted to share. I wanted to share with you that you are not alone. And that we can be happy as we wait and wade through one of the hardest trials I can imagine. I wanted to share my dark places and the truths and hopes that brought my light, so that you can take that light into your darkest moments. So that we both can have peace and comfort while we walk through this valley of sorrow.

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