Friday, December 17, 2010

Drug Problems

I have had the hardest time trying to get my drugs recently. IUI #1 went so smoothly by comparison. And even then it was a pinch. That time they only filled half the order -i.e. didn't include the Follistim - which is pretty important for injection IUI. But I caught that in time. Unfortunately, I only used half of the drugs but had to throw the whole cartridge away, which as you know was like throwing away $400! So I figured on IUI #2 I would get smaller cartridges. Well that was a disaster it took so many DAYS of phone calls between the pharmacy and the dr to get the right combinations and then it was the weekend so I was starting to worry about even getting the meds on time. I was so stressed and frustrated.
Perfect cure: an awesome nurse who put up with all my calls and then when I showed up for baseline handed me a free cartridge!!

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  1. Your nurse who hands you a free cartridge is amazing! Love this!