Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10w3d "Summary"

I had my 10 week visit today. I love seeing them every week! It will be a bitter sweet graduation to "normal" pregnancy when I won't get weekly ultrasounds. They are looking great. Moving around like crazy, they just make my heart melt.

I thought I would copy Mrs Lemon and record a bit of my 10 weeks pregnant life.

How far along: 10 weeks 3 days
Symptoms: Tired (exhausted), Nausea (and no appetite), Sore Uterus, Gas, Constipation,
Baby Related Purchases: Not yet.
Maternity Clothes: My sister gave me a maternity dress for my birthday last week. So I now have 1 item.
Sleep: Love it! Pretty light sleeping, occasional potty trips, usually I get to sleep in. YAY
Best Moment of the Week: The ultrasound. Plus non-baby related, it was General Conference this weekend so M and I got to listen to the Prophet and Apostles. Always love that.
Sweetest Moment: M trying to hear their heartbeats through my belly.
Movement:I can see it on the ultrasound and sometimes I think I can feel them moving, but probably not.
Cravings: Mac and Cheese, Pizza,
Gender: We still think they are boys...
Belly Button: In
What I miss: Not much, Feeling good I guess.
What I am looking forward to: less than 2 weeks until my big detailed high risk ultrasound. Supposedly we will be able to find out the gender (even at 12 weeks).
Weekly Wisdom: Keep busy, even if you feel crappy.
Milestones: No more hormone meds!
Sticky Bun is the size of: a prune?


  1. Glad everything is going well with the twins! Can't wait to hear about your big 12 week ultrasound!

  2. What a great update! Glad to hear everything's going so well! And that's adorable - M trying to hear the heartbeat.

  3. I did not know there was technology to find out the gender at 12 weeks, wow! Yay for no more hormone meds! Great twin update:]

  4. Glad the you and the twins are progressing well!

  5. isn't pregnancy great? :) enjoy!