Thursday, March 31, 2011

9w5d "All by Myself"

So my appointment on Tuesday went really well. I was nervous because of all my soreness, but the nurses attribute that to growing pains. I expect I'll be having a lot more of that. The bloodwork looked really good - well good enough to stop the progesterone yesterday. So I am holding this pregnancy all by myself! So far I think it is still going well. I still have nausea and soreness. We have been waiting for this for awhile. The ultrasound was by far the best one so far. The are growing and are on schedule. (I don't know how, I feel like I haven't eaten anything). They are about an inch long from crown to rump! My babies last week looked like gummy bears. This week I could clearly see arms and legs and they were moving all over! Baby A was waving at me...while Baby B was just banging his head around. It was so fun to see them kicking and squirming around. I can't feel it yet. I wish M could have seen them. The pictures I brought home don't do them justice. He is going to be able to come to our big ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm excited for him to finally see our kiddies.

I'm really glad to be off all the hormones. I'm not too worried about the transition off the stimulants - maybe I should be? But so far, I'm feeling the same. M is more nervous I think. He is always the more cautious with optimism. But I think that if on Tuesday I still have good hormone levels he will be more relaxed about them sticking around. This has been his milestone. He didn't want to share it with people at work, aka his boss, until I'm on my own and stable. So I think maybe in the next couple of weeks we will start thinking about telling people.

We are going to have to start telling people soon because my mom and I just scheduled my baby shower! Weird!! It will be super early by normal standards. I know most people don't have showers before like the 28th week. Mine is scheduled for 17 1/2 weeks. I feel a little silly having it so early. In fact we were all hesitant. But here is why. #1 The shower is in Utah. I live in Texas. #2 OB doesn't want me flying later on in my pregnancy due to the extra passengers (after 32 weeks). #3 Neither does my OB want me flying between 20 and 32 weeks if there is ANY problem. #4 That isn't predictable and my mom would rather have me come early than not at all. #5 All my family is going to be in town that weekend (like huge extended and immediate family). So that is what we have planned. I'll just have whatever showers in Texas way late to average out :)

Anyway, Nap time. :)


  1. So precious!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations and hope your showers are wonderful!!!

  2. What beautiful ultrasound pics! Glad everything is going well!

  3. Yay! Look at those little ones....adorable!!! So happy for you sweetie!

  4. Beautiful Babies!:)
    And a loud YEAH! for getting off the hormones!

  5. So sweet!!! I say you've waited for this... spread the baby showers out for the whole nine months! :] Happy for you!

  6. Oh how exciting to see the little ones waving and such. And enjoy this time - I think it's great you're having an ultrasound in Utah with your family and friends there!

  7. Congrats on twins, that's so exciting! Love the pictures! And congrats on getting off the meds...a big milestone.
    Your shower sounds like so much fun! :)
    Hope the nausea gets better soon...I'm struggling with that as well.
    -Kristen from

  8. Great results... must be so lovely to see them moving around :)) Congratulations and looking forward to seeing them grow up xoxo

  9. I had soreness/cramping very early on (around 4-5 weeks) then it did not reappear until a week or so ago (11-12 weeks). I don't know if I would use the word sore because it doesn't hurt all the time. It is mostly just with movement or for very short amounts of time. I don't know if that helps at all!

    As long as your babies look great on the ultrasound and you are not bleeding I think the soreness is completely normal. Congrats again!!