Tuesday, April 19, 2011

12w3d "Surprise!"

This week is very doctor happy. I have three appts in as many days! Yesterday, M and I went to see our high risk perinatal specialist. It was a whirlwind appointment but the babies look good. NT measurements were "good". And guess what, he thinks they are girls!!!! We were totally not expecting that. We've been talking about our baby boy since 2008 when we started trying. Don't know why we thought we were having 2 boys but it looks like we were totally wrong. We are super excited about girls, too. Just totally surprised. I was already thinking blue nursery and clothes... Not anymore! Flowers and butterflies here we come! It is still early and he wasn't positive but we're going with it for now.

I'm now sitting on my OBs table (with no pillow-lame) waiting for her to come in. And tomorrow I graduated from my RE's office!! After the onslaught of Dr visits this week it will be a strange 4 week wait before I'm in again.
Oh she's here...


  1. So exciting!!! Girls are amazing!!!

  2. Congrats Amy! So glad to hear everything is going well! Yay for girls....my husband keeps teasing me that we ar going to have 2 boys...I'll totally laugh if we end up with 2 girls!!!

  3. Girls - how exciting! Flowers and butterflies - love this!

  4. Twin girls will be so much fun! Awesome!