Thursday, April 7, 2011

Win-A-Vasectomy Campaign

Dear Ingrid,


I am writing concerning your current "Win-A-Vasectomy" Campaign. Although I disagree philosophically with the main premise of limiting human reproduction, I believe that you are entitled to that opinion. I support your goal to have dogs and cats spayed/neutered. I have no problem with men voluntarily choosing to receive a vasectomy.  My concern arises with the claim that you are promoting human sterilization in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week.  According to the dictionary, "to honor" means 1) to hold in honor or high respect, 2) to show a courteous regard for. How does your campaign show respect and courteous regard for the following goals and purposes of NIAW (found at

  1. ensure that people trying to conceive know the guidelines for seeing a specialist when they are trying to conceive.
  2. enhance public understanding that infertility is a disease that needs and deserves attention.
  3. educate legislators about the disease of infertility and how it impacts people in their state.

I am trying to understand your perspective on this claim. I would very much appreciate your explanation as to how you think your campaign honors NIAW. To offer sterility "in honor" of infertility awareness seems as ludicrous a claim as honoring cancer awareness by promoting radiation showers. Your campaign seems to have nothing to do with helping the public and legislators understand the disease of infertility, the emotional and physical consequences, the current treatments available, and the need for funding and research. It seems that your campaign has the goal of creating more infertile people. That goal does not honor NIAW. Neither does it strengthen your campaign for spaying/neutering animals.


I ask you to please respect the purposes and motivations of NIAW and all those that have struggled and are struggling with infertility and remove the connection between your campaign and NIAW.  Thank you,



Amy Broadbent

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  1. Great letter, Amy! I LOVED how you added in what "honor" means and what the goals are of NIAW. I think by adding in those 2 things you really show the ludicrisy on what they are doing.
    Kudos to you!!!