Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sleeping Question

Seems like a popular discussion lately, so I'll add my two cents worth of experience.
We always wanted to get the girls to sleep in their own bed and go to bed on their own. I was a little anal about it. I didn't want them to fall asleep when they were being held or anywhere but their bed. That didn't really happen...  For the first few weeks there were just some nights that Alyssa would not go to sleep. M would pick her up and put her on his chest and they would sleep like that for 5 hours. It was wonderful. I was always worried about it, but they never moved an inch and she slept so well. And some nights, I would end up doing the same thing with Abby and all four of us would be sleeping on our bed. Although Abby never would sleep on my chest, she would in my arm next to me. I never moved when she was there. I always sleep cradling a pillow though, so I frequently found myself waking up afraid to move as I tried to feel and remember if I was holding a baby or a pillow.

Daddy and Alyssa Oct 29 (3 weeks old)
We always left the default as they go to sleep in their bed (which still is a raised pack n play). But when they were too fussy they would sleep with us. It wasn't too often that they would end up in bed with us. So it was more the exception than the rule. Now they don't come in bed with us anymore because they are really good at sleeping on their own. Maybe I just lucked out that they are fine on their own. But it is pretty nice, and it was also nice to cuddle with them when they did sleep with us. M loved it. Like I said, I started out totally against it, but discovered that sometimes you need to be flexible, and I did what I needed to when the need arose.  

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  1. Hi Amy- I would love to hear more about the babies and their birth...if you get a chance! When did you deliver, birth story, names, weights, NICU time, etc. They sure are cute!