Thursday, August 4, 2011

27w5d "Baby back ribs"

I'm a big fan of baby back ribs... Unless it's my baby's back (or butt) and my ribs. Sweet little Bluebear is really pushing up now. Sitting down is getting very uncomfortable. She really digs in when I am sitting and leaning forward at all. Like at a computer or desk or my drawing table... It makes it difficult to do much.
It is another one of those things about pregnancy that I don't like that much but wouldn't give up for the world. She can kick my ribs all she wants as long as I get to be her mom. (Apple, too. But she likes to kick my bladder).

1 comment:

  1. Oh that doesn't sound like fun! My baby hasn't quite reached my ribs yet - doesn't sound like I will like that much... But I love your sentiment that she can kick your ribs all she wants as long as you get to be her mom! I feel exactly the same way!